Pre-made adventures can be great because I have put an enormous amount of time, energy and playtesting into making a really great adventure with interlinked characters, personalized challenges and a rich world that all makes sense, has a powerful story arc and delivers great quality fun.

They are super fast to start up because I know the system very well, have all the characters created and ready to go with rich personal histories tied into the fabric of the story so they feel real.

In addition to my own library of pre-made adventures, I have a number of purchased adventures like Call of Cthulhu’s Murder on the Orient Express, D&D’s Ravenloft, and Warhammer Fantasy’s Enemy Within Campaign that are crafted by some of the great masters of roleplaying games.

I would love to run any of these for you if you’re the kind of group that wants to jump in with both feet and get going.

But we can also create something custom and rich just for you!

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