Custom Games

We will work together to pick a system, a style of adventure, create interesting, fun characters to play in a story that you deeply affect through your group’s actions, decisions and desires. I will bring the fantasy, the wonder, the horror – challenges, amazing non-player characters to team up with or against. I will watch […]

Pre-Made Adventures

Pre-made adventures can be great because I have put an enormous amount of time, energy and playtesting into making a really great adventure with interlinked characters, personalized challenges and a rich world that all makes sense, has a powerful story arc and delivers great quality fun. They are super fast to start up because I […]

True Sight

Farran’s Outpost stands alone at the edge of the Wolfen’s great Northern Wilderness. There have been disappearances. Now there has been such murder as cause the fort’s Wizard to blanch and leave the scene. The Captain of the Guard awaits the arrival of the Witch Hunter and his party to search and find those dark […]